TSA PreCheck adds its third airline…Alaska at Seattle, come on United, what’s the hold up?

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Alaska Airlines has joined American and Delta as the third airline to launch TSA’s PreCheck expedited screening program. Operations began April 24 at Sea-Tac Airport’s (SEA) Checkpoint 5 North, available only to selected Alaska Airlines passengers. This brings the total count of active airports to 13, with varying combinations of the airlines.

The press release is the standard boilerplate.

From the March 30 press release, the expansion plan through June 2012 is (italic notes added):

New TSA Pre™ Locations:

Boston Logan International Airport (Delta Air Lines)

LaGuardia Airport (Delta Air Lines)

Newark Liberty International Airport (United Airlines) (launched April 4)

Orlando International Airport (Delta Air Lines)

Portland International Airport (Alaska Airlines)

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Alaska Airlines) (launched April 24)

TSA Pre™ Locations Expanding with Additional Airlines:
Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (United Airlines)
Los Angeles International Airport (Delta Air Lines)
LaGuardia Airport (American Airlines)
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (US Airways)
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