Losing Delta Diamond? Extend CLEAR for a Year

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Update April 2019: this didn’t work. CLEAR at airport kept saying a billing problem. I contacted CLEAR. Since my biometrics are stored with the first account they would only delete the new account and assign my SkyMiles number back to the original, with a new 12-month expiration from the date I contacted them (4/1/19). In January 2020 I’ll try having them delete my account entirely, and then registering a new account to get a full year.

Delta Diamond Medallion status includes complimentary CLEAR membership.

CLEAR renews annually based on the date you registered. If your Delta status is different on the renewal date, you will be charged the membership fee for your new status level.

My CLEAR renewal was set for February 10. I qualified for Delta Diamond for 2019 (by, ahem, MQD waiver), though unlikely to do so for 2020. On February 10, 2020, then, I would be billed for CLEAR unless I cancelled first.

I decided to get ahead of things this year to ensure I have CLEAR for 2019 and 2020.

The same steps will work for you to get a full year of CLEAR in 2019 if your Delta Diamond status expires January 31, 2018.

CLEAR Membership

Steps to get a full year of CLEAR:

  1. Log in to your existing CLEAR account.
  2. In Personal Profile, delete your Delta SkyMiles number.
  3. In Membership Details, cancel your CLEAR account.
  4. Log out of CLEAR.
  5. Go to the CLEAR Delta partner page.
  6. Create a new CLEAR account with a new email address, linking your SkyMiles number.
  7. You’ll get emails saying you need to go to the airport to complete enrollment. This does not appear to be necessary. I happened to be at the airport and from that system side I am still me and it recognized me on the new account. Even if it were necessary, the membership clock starts ticking when you register on the site, so you need not rush to the airport by 1/31.

Note: depending on time zone, your renewal date may show as one calendar day prior to the day you enrolled. I registered on 1/27 and my renewal date shows as 1/26. That means if you are a 2019 Diamond and seeing this on 2/1, you may get lucky and have a 1/31 renewal date that will show you as still Diamond 1/31/19.

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[…] from Rapid Travel Chai writes about how you can extend your Clear membership if you’re a Delta Diamond member. Clear’s systems can be a bit funky so I’m glad he provided step by step instructions. […]

3 years ago

@ Stefan — Come on, you can meet the $15k MQD with a bit of creativity using partner flights!