Uruguay in 22 hours (part 3): Colonia and back before dinner, and gorging on a chivito

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17:30, sun setting, just back from traipsing around the Sierras de Mahoma. Dinner to be served at 21:00.

Option 1: sofa by the fireplace at Finca Piedra, tea, and a novel.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 006

Option 2: Colonia de Sacramento, 130 km away, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And away I go!

The battered Chevy Corsica was not designed to go 90 mph+ on twisting country roads but the little fella held together. Driving in Uruguay is pretty fun, good roads, decent signage (except around Montevideo), and little traffic, though darting motorcycles and scooters are a minefield.

Within 90 minutes I was catching up on missed breakfast and lunch by sampling the national staple, a heart attach sandwhich called a chivito, amping up the carnage by getting it with bacon (‘Canadian style’). No sign of an ‘U.S. style’ which naturally would be a double or triple decker. The skipped breakfast justified the pizza, which can be sold by the meter, this with cheese, though the typical is cheese-less. The type of pizzas familiar in other parts of the world are widely available but called pizzettes.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 043

Colonia is a cut above the typical faded, colonial town, and since only an hour by ferry from Buenoes Aires, makes a great outing from Argentina.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 046
Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 047

And back on  the road for the waiting dinner at the ranch.

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New Girl in the Air
10 years ago

Wow, a Chevy Corsica…haven’t thought about those in years 🙂