Uruguay in 22 hours (part 4): Finca Piedra Ranch

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Finca Piedra, run by a Swiss-Uruguayan, is a standout among the tourist ranches (esntancias) of Argentina and Uruguay.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 002

The main ranch house

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 003

Guest room building

Ranches are a delightful experience in visiting this area of the world, they typically have a full gamut of activities, from horse rides to swimming, and provide indulgent food. Last fall I visited a popular one in San Antonio de Areco, an hour north of Buenos Aires.

Choices are fewer in Uruguay as most of the tourist activity is beach-centric, on the coast to the east of Montevideo, centered in Punta del Este.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 056

Breakfast in the kitchen

Finca Piedra is to the west, in between Montevideo and Colonia de Sacramento, a 90-minute drive from each, so it is possible to base there and take day trips to each.

Oenophiles will enjoy the vineyards while hikers will devour the Sierras de Mahoma next door, for which free access is granted.

The setting of the ranch invites languid lounging and the food is first-rate. Full-board prices may be steep for some, in which case bed and breakfast rates are quite reasonable.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 004

Afternoon tea

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 006


Highly recommended. Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the room – simple but comfortable.

Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 052


Uruguay Paraguay Iguazu 053

And dessert

On to Paraguay.

Note: I did not receive any compensation for this review and the staff of Finca Piedra do not know about this blog. I visited, as always, as a regular traveler, though one in a hurry. 🙂

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