Sturdy luggage and crew fetish

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While heading to a blissful TSA PreCheck experience yesterday, The Rapid Traveler spied a rollerboard built to withstand Armageddon, two years of Delta Diamond tags jangling from it, and asked the attached man where he acquired it. “Oh, it’s a crew piece. Check out Crew Outfitters. It is expensive, about $350, but durable and if a part breaks they repair for $50. Only problem is when you check it they try to destroy the metal frame.”

Fly Me to the Moon

Photo by kudumomo

How blindingly obvious to look for quality travel gear where crews shop, but it had never occurred to The Rapid Traveler. So he poked around Crew Outfitters, finding the Luggageworks PNT luggage series, and other interesting stuff, from novelties like the Chicken or Beef Infant Bib to gifts for airline geeks like the Cockpit Clock. The No Mood Swings Pill Box should be standard issue. And Aviator Shirts are only $19.99 for those who want to play dress-up.

CrewGear and StopoverStore turned up as popular competitors in searches on Airline Pilot Forums. And Scott Leather’s spacious, traditional cases are popular among pilots and can serve road warriors well.

Disclaimer: The Rapid Traveler has no financial relationship with any of the above mentioned stores and will not receive any compensation related to this post.

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