What is a Rental Car Gas Allowance and How You Can Get One

I spent 4 days chasing around Newfoundland, Canada in a Ford Mustang convertible from National.

Pick-up in Deer Lake (YDF) the National agent persuaded me to take a Ford Mustang convertible as a free upgrade. He needed the car returned to St. John’s (YYT), where I was headed. It is a 6.5 hour drive between the two. I weighed the gas guzzling cost versus the fun of driving and went with fun.

Upon return at YYT, the manager said, “How was driving that Mustang?”

I said, “Well, it was fun but what a gas guzzler. The agent in Deer Lake convinced me to take it because it needed to get back here.”

In friendly Canadian fashion, the manager replied, “Well, would you like a gas allowance to help with the extra fuel cost from what you reserved?”


C$40 came off my rental, nearly a free day at my rate. That was about the cost of 3/4 tank. I drove 2,009 kms.

National Gas Allowance

How to get a rental car gas allowance?

Upon pick-up if the agency does not have your car class available, instead putting you in a vehicle with less fuel economy, go ahead and ask. For instance, the weekend prior we rented in Bangor, Maine. We got the last sedan from National. The next guy had his choice of minivans.

I suspect most will not be as accommodating at Atlantic Canadians. Nonetheless, it is possible, it is in the National system, and it is worth a try!

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The one time passing gas is good


Good to know!
Been in similar situation recently with a rental in Lisbon. Upgraded to sedan that consumed more gas vs smaller diesel…