Hilton and National Promos Extended in 2017

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While planning January Europe trips I noticed two promotions have been extended.

Stacking Hilton Offers

Double Up/Triple Up

Hilton Triple Up Extended Janaury 2017

Hilton’s Double Up/Triple Up has been extended to January 31, 2016, register here (no need to re-register for the extension). You get:

  • Double base points for bookings through Hilton.com
  • Triple base points for booking through the Hilton app

Visa 5,000

This stacks with 5,000 point bonus for booking for stays through the app and paying with any Visa card, register here. Also to January 31, 2017

You will even get the 5,000-point bonus on award stays if you have charges to the room. A 5,000-point category 1 award nets out to 0 points.

Those traveling abroad should note that the no annual fee Citi Hilton Visa has a foreign transaction fee. I used my US Bank FlexPerks Travel Visa.

Winter Sale

Hilton is running a Winter Sale up to 30% prepaid rates for UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

I still have Hilton Diamond status from a match, so booked a couple for January at low rates.

National One-Two-Free

National One Two Free Extended Febraury 2017

National One-Two-Free has been extended an additional month to February 28, 2017.

Two qualifying rentals earns a free rental day. Nice deal when their rates are competitive.

You can refer friends for extra points. My refer-a-friend link is here.

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dan luttrell
4 years ago

Hilton is not my preferred program however I have booked several stays since this triple bonus and 3x avios combined promo. Unfortunately I can’t book with Visa as my company forces me to use AMEX.
Good post.