National One Two Free Returns for 2+ Day Rentals

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National One Two Free has returned for August 23, 2018-February 28, 2019.

Register for the promotion here. No retroactive credit is awarded for rentals made prior to registration

2 Begets 1

The headline is every two rentals earns a free day.

The big catch, and one which I forgot last year, is that ‘Qualifying Rentals’ are rentals of 2 or more days, midsize vehicle or larger. 1-day rentals can trigger some of the small bonuses, though not the big ones.

Stacking for 600s

Each free rental day requires 600 points. Check your promotion dashboard for the offers and terms.
National One Two Free 2018 My Activity

On your first rental you can nearly get two free rental days by stacking the offers. You could:

  • 50 points: Take Our Survey (one-time)
  • 75 points: Mobile App Rental (unlimited)
  • 50 points: Emerald Checkout (unlimited) – may not be available at Neighborhood locations
  • 200 points: Neighborhood Rental (limit of 3 times)
  • 100 points: Weekend Rental that includes a Saturday night (one-time)
  • 300 points: Qualifying Rental (unlimited)
  • 300 points: Add SiriusXM (one-time, US only)
  • 75 points: Complete 5 bonus opportunities (one-time)

If all goes well, you will earn 1,150 points on that rental.

Add a second creative rental and you’ll have the 1,800+ points for 3 free rental days.

Plus, watch for a Mystery Bonus to appear sometime later.

Use Your Free Days

Free rental days are good for rentals to June 13, 2019. Rental must be completed by that date.

Heads up: these certs are now shown in the promotion My Activity tab. They are not shown on the regular National Emerald Club account free days page.

Only 3 days can be attached to any single rental.

National One Two Free 2018 My ActivityAmex Offers: $20 off $200+

Check your Amex accounts for a one-time $20 off $200 at National good through September 30, 2018. That can be cumulative across multiple rentals to reach $200 in total spend.

Amex Offers National 20 off 200

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Ak Na
Ak Na
3 years ago

Can this also be triggered by renting car at Enterprise?