Register for the Right Hertz 550 Point Offer and Will It Double With the LDW Offer?

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Hertz’s Fall 2016 promotion nets an instant 25 points (that do not extend point expiration), and 550 points for one qualifying rental pick-up by 11/13/16. 550 points is enough for 1 free weekend day. Register here.


For the 550 points, you must select to earn Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, not frequent flyer miles. The qualifying rental must not be pre-paid, must be over $25, and must be at participating locations. I have not found the location list, though the countries are here. It is a one-time bonus for this promotion.

Beware, the public link at is the 1-rental offer. By mail Hertz is sending a 2-rental offer for the same promotion. Once you have registered for one offer, you cannot register for the other. Pay attention!


However what may double is a seemingly targeted offer for 550 points per rental to 12/31/16 when opting for Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). There is no registration page, though the terms are here.


Netting 1,100 points (2 weekend days) for a 1-day rental is tempting. As always, compare with other rates. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards rates are often high. I usually do much better price-wise with the Hertz United rates that as a 1K I earn 2,750 United miles per rental.

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