Morning Chai: Timbuktu Hope, Lost Minds, Remember Srpska and More

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On my mind: second time on the same mileage run is more relaxing. The other two doing the same thing gave themselves up when the flight attendant came by with immigration forms, each said, “2 please.”



  • Wells Fargo’s scandal looks uglier by the day. I caddied for many of the prior generation of Norwest and Wells Fargo executives including former CEO Dick Kovacevich. Hard and sad to reconcile that formative experience with what  we are seeing today.



  • Restaurant Hyatt Visa cardholders can register here for a one-time $50 discount on a Hyatt Regency stay in the US through 12/31/16, paid with a Hyatt Visa.
  • The Marriott Hotel Downtown Abu Dhabi has opened and is a Category 5 award, eligible for use of Chase Marriott card anniversary certificates.
  • Hilton has opened up in Montenegro, the capital, not the tourist Bay of Kotor. The Hilton Podgorica is a work in progress: “We are pleased to announce that our Executive Lounge & Sky Bar, and the Spa & Pool will open later this year. We are delighted to welcome our guests at the Crna Gora Restaurant, and offer our fully equipped Fitness Room in the meantime.” 50,000 points/night is steep for the Balkans.
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6 years ago

you should write your own version of 36 hours of your hometown. What are your recommendations?