What is the AeroMexico Lounge Table Service Protocol?

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I don’t speak Spanish and even after transiting Mexico City many times for work, pleasure and now mileage run, I have not have the courage to inquire about table service in their Salon Premier Lounges. (This is a Priority Pass Lounge as well as for SkyTeam premium cabin and elite passengers on international itineraries.)

Of the two lounges, one is newly renovated and the other just closed for renovation.

The lounges have waitstaff that serve drinks and snacks. I have never been approached by one; you have to seek them out. I have not seen a price list or anyone paying money. I have looked to see if anyone tips, but have not spied anyone in the act.


The old lounge they brought the same drinks and snacks you can grab yourself. At the new lounge I saw plates of ham and cheese, cucumbers, and fruits, all not available at the buffet.

Readers, AeroMexico flyers, Spanish speakers, what is the protocol? Is all the food and drink free? Do you tip? How much?

p.s. the selection of coconut water is fantastic. Try the original and the creamy coffee versions. The fruit flavored ones are too sweet for my taste. Second place goes to the yogurt, spoonable and drinkable, my favorite is the strawberry fruit on the bottom cup with chia seeds.


p.p.s. there is an Amex Centurion Lounge. Other than soft drinks and nuts, the food is all à la carte menu at prices similar to restaurants in the terminal.

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All the food, beverages and alcohol are free in the AeroMexico Lounges. You can grab all you need from the buffet area, but some times the waiters said to you if you need something and they bring to you, also you can ask to the waiters for something. The tip is not obligatory, but I always give to the waiters around 20-30 pesos ( 1 – 2 usd dollars) if they bring me something, if I take stuff from the buffet area I dont give a tip. Review’s in spanish of the Salon’s Premier of Aeromexico in Cancun, MEX and… Read more »


@RTP no beer?

roberto chavez
roberto chavez

You can call on the waiters and ask them for something special (different from the self service items in the fridges) they can bring you food directly from the kichen sometimes it will be different from what is available in the buffet.
With the exchange rate, the USD goes a long way, maybe tip 3 bucks if they help you once or twice, maybe 5 bucks if you stay longer than that. They will thank you for that.


The food and drinks are free and what the waiters serve should be the same as the buffet, but sometimes they run out quickly on the buffet. The waiters do speak English. Tipping is the same as you would do in any other international lounge.


I was there in June. In the very rear of the lounge there is a bar that is attached to the same wall as the “spa”. All the food served there is available by the waiters. I did not see one person tip. They any type of drink you’d like, breakfast items, and for later in the day I remember seeing toasted sandwiches and chips/salsa. You can also access the lounge by paying for it. I was charged ~$22 usd. So fairly cheap.