Morning Chai: Somalia Tourism, Caribbean Airbnb, Bloggers Killing Fashion and More

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On my mind: Air France FlyingBlue website phantom availability, invalid routings, mispricings on Garuda, and 10,000 Amex points I should not have transferred till I had 100% certainty from a phone agent. Transfers do not extend 20-month mileage expiration. I may have a paid Garuda ticket that won’t earn on Delta, might on Air France, so that may extend mine.


  • Nomination of first US ambassador to Cuba in over 50 years. Why is it taken for granted that if Clinton wins the presidency and Republicans hold the Senate, that the Senate will do its Constitutional duty and proceed with confirmations for appointments such as ambassadors and justices? I expect them to sit for another 4 years all the while saying a new electoral mandate is needed. There is a still a backlog of confirmations from the start of the Obama administration.




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6 years ago

I sometimes use the Hotel Tonight app to book rooms for immediate check in after midnight. I think it works until 2am, which can eliminate the hassle of trying to do it through the front desk or over the phone.

6 years ago

Glad to help! Love the blog! 😀

6 years ago

Hey Stefan, heads up about Delta’s RDU-CDG route. They are planning to go to a 767 next year for a little bit, it seems! Nice change from a 757.