Bonus Miles In-Store at Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Gap and More with HawaiianMiles Marketplace

Hawaiian Airlines has an online shopping portal similar similar to other airlines. Today I learned they have the HawiianMiles Marketplace for in-store purchases.


Participating national retailers include Whole Foods (1 mile/dollar), Lowe’s (2 miles/dollar) and Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic (2 miles/dollar). Local retailers include various restaurants and other small businesses.

Like airline dining programs, you link a credit card and future purchases are awarded miles automatically. Limited to Visa and American Express cards. Hawaiian Airlines credit and debit cards are enrolled automatically.

Dining Double Dip?

The platform runs on Linkable Networks so you can register a card with this program as well as a dining program run by Rewards Network to double-dip at restaurants participating in both.

Hawaiian or eBates?

eBates In-Store Cash Back also runs on Linkable. I tried to add add cards to one then the other in both directions. In both tests the second site rejected the card. eBates will store the card and you can enable or disable it, while with Hawaiian you can only add or delete.


eBates offers a wider array of cashback offers, BUT you need to proactively activate an offer to earn cashback. AND you need to activate the offer for each individual transaction. Activate. Buy. Activate. Buy. Forget it! (It may make sense for resellers who do this as a job.)

An example is 2% cash back at Office Depot, good through 10/15/16, limit of 10 transactions, terms exclude gift cards (in practice, I do not know if gift card really are excluded).

ebates-in-store-office-depotWith Hawaiian, you can ‘register and forget.’ Once you enroll your card you never have to go back. Occasionally bonus miles may appear in your account.

No way am I regularly checking eBates for in-store offers, so I go with Hawaiian.

Other Card-Linked Reward Programs:

Doctor of Credit has a Complete List of Card-Linked Reward Programs where many of these programs are detailed (their original post did not have this network but has since been updated from reader feedback).

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[…] has the edge over Ebates in that you don’t need to enroll in each offer; just enroll the card once and earn miles when shopping at […]


Andrew, tnx! You really made my day even after the Cubs just lost. Apparently, it won’t let you register a card as well if the card is currently registered with Ebates.


The browser is not the problem. A different email needs to be used in order to register a card. If the first email is being used for Ebates, you will not be able to register a credit card.


RTC, is your portal still working? Im still not able to register a card. It just says currently unavailable.


From the looks of the merchant mix, it would seem you wouldn’t be able to double dip with MOGL/LivingSocial Restaurants Plus/Swagbucks restaurants


I registered my card for this in early August. The only points that have posted so far are from a Gap in store purchase. It took about 3-4 weeks. I went to Whole Foods about 2 weeks before the Gap transaction and that still has not posted. I did not know that Lowes was in this list and I recently bought $150 gas gift cards for the Amex offer of $30 back. If I get Hawaiian miles on top of that I will be very pleased!


The HawaiianMiles offer page lists specific Hawaii locations of Lowe’s and Whole Foods. Has anyone received miles for other national locations of these stores?


[…] Bonus Miles In-Store at Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Gap and More with HawaiianMiles Marketplace – This has been on my to-do list for a while now, but Rapid Travel Chai has necessary details. Make sure to read this one — there’s some juicy stuff for those who like to Ink points. […]

Michael Belisle

I went to the site and tried to add a card and it says the feature is unavailable

Frequent Miler

I just ran into the same issue. Tried with both my and my wife’s accounts. Got this error before having a chance to input cc number:

We’re sorry, but this feature is currently unavailable.
Please contact Customer Support if the issue persists.

I’m not really in the mood to contact customer support, but maybe I will…


FM, I followed Andrew’s advice above to not use the same email address for both portals and it worked like a charm. 2 out of my 4 transactions at WF have not tracked, however. It’s been over a month. The other transactions posted within a few days.

Frequent Miler

Thanks Dino. Just tried that but it still didn’t work.