$219 Spend + $156 Commission: US Mint Coin Deal (8/12/21 at 12pm EDT)

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Update: 8/12/21: payouts have increased, post has been updated accordingly.

Update: 8/11/21: payouts have increased, post has been updated accordingly.

August 2021 has several US Mint coin releases of interest to coin dealers, which means a buying group opportunity for credit card spend and commission. The next is August 12, 2021.

Please see my post on the July 29 coin deal for background on coin deals and buying groups.

August 12, 2021 US Mint Coin Deal Goes Live at 12 pm EDT

US Mint August 12 2021

One coin will go on sale on August 12, 2021.

DCB Buying Group

The buying group I have made reservations with, DCB, has encouraged me to share their info for other prospective sellers to consider. This is my seventh coin deal with DCB this year, along with various gift card deals. My experience has been excellent. Communication is clear and responsive. Terms honored to the letter.

If you sell to DCB, I will receive a one-time refer-a-friend bonus. I am not a party to your transaction with DCB. You are solely responsible for your own assessment to potentially buy any of the coins, and to whom to sell any coins you buy.

Contact DCB at coinsfor.dcb@gmail.com to learn more, reserve your coins, obtain instructions, and join the WhatsApp group for the buying group.

DCB is offering the following payout over US Mint price, along with coin link:

A set of 3 is $219 spend and $156 commission.

(Note: if you knew about this coin in May and were able to make an enrollment for 25 coins, DCB is paying bulk rate $128 per coin for a set of 25 coins. I did not know about this one then and missed out.)

When your orders are confirmed by the US Mint, DCB will provide insured, pre-paid shipping labels for you to use to send to the buyer. You’ll need to ship the coins within 7 days after receiving the coins from the Mint. You’ll want a dropoff receipt when you ship. Payment will be done via ACH within 3 business days after the buyer receives the coins.

Important: DO NOT OPEN the boxes you receive. Every buying group requires you to receive the package, add the shipping label and send to them, box unopened.

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1 year ago

You mention gift cards as well? Where can i learn more about that? The coin deals are great and although this is the first i’m hearing of DCB i will check them out next time, but the coin deals are not every week i’d be interested in learning another way to make some extra cash and see you mentioned gift cards?


[…] order. I have opted in with DCB a couple of times but have not yet completed a deal with them. Rapid Travel Chai has been writing about DCB. The email address for for more information and to reserve a spot is […]

1 year ago

Hi Stefan, I emailed DCB, joined the WhatsApp group and advised that I had been referred by you. Hopefully you will get the referral bonus. I have done a few coin deals with PFS Buyer’s Club and found them to be very professional, personable, and trustworthy. However, their payouts are much less than DCB ($61.05 vs $96 on tomorrow’s deal and an even bigger difference on the 8/10/21 deal). So I appreciate that you have shared your experience with another buyer’s group. Have you ever heard any negative feedback about DCB or know how long they have been doing business?… Read more »