US Mint Coin Deal (9/13/21 at 12pm EDT)

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Update: DCB is no longer taking submissions. As far as I have found, other buyers, too, have either dropped commissions for new submissions or no longer taking submissions. Each buyer has their own process and notification system of the deadlines to submit purchases. After they close submissions, any new attempts to sell are subject to the rates they then have available, if any.

Update: still in stock at 1:42 EDT.

Update: still in stock at 12:33 EDT.

Update: the site has been having particular challenges this morning. Keep trying until sold out.

September 2021 has more US Mint coin releases of interest to coin dealers, which means a buying group opportunity for credit card spend and commission.

Please see my post on the July 29 coin deal for background on coin deals and buying groups.

September 13, 2021 US Mint Coin Deal Goes Live at 12 pm EDT

US Mint 13 September 2021 coin release

One coin will go on sale on September 13, 2021.

DCB Buying Group

The buying group I have made reservations with, DCB, has encouraged me to share their info for other prospective sellers to consider. This is my seventh coin deal with DCB this year, along with various gift card deals. My experience has been excellent. Communication is clear and responsive. Terms honored to the letter.

If you sell to DCB, I will receive a one-time refer-a-friend bonus. I am not a party to your transaction with DCB. You are solely responsible for your own assessment to potentially buy any of the coins, and to whom to sell any coins you buy.

Contact DCB at to learn more, reserve your coins, obtain instructions, and join the WhatsApp group for the buying group.

DCB is offering the following payout over US Mint price, along with coin link:

When your orders are confirmed by the US Mint, DCB will provide insured, pre-paid shipping labels for you to use to send to the buyer. You’ll need to ship the coins within 7 days after receiving the coins from the Mint. You’ll want a dropoff receipt when you ship. Payment will be done via ACH within 3 business days after the buyer receives the coins.

Important: DO NOT OPEN the boxes you receive. Every buying group requires you to receive the package, add the shipping label and send to them, box unopened.

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2 years ago

My experience with this DCB guy is just ok. His tone on Whats App is not always friendly, and sometimes can be really rude. Also need to follow up to get a response, not sure if he is always as responsive as you say. So maybe you are his VIP to get special attention? I just completed my first business with him and that is the last one as well for sure. I probably would look around to find another buyer that is more decent and civil

2 years ago

FYI, the email for DCB now (Oct 23) returns an automated message indicating that it is no longer being monitored. They did respond to an inquiry on Oct 20. Not sure if they have moved exclusively to their Whatsapp group, or if there are other issues? I do know that although my one deal with them paid out fine, my bank initially put a hold on the funds for a couple of days with some language about negative history for the funding account.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jig

I reship my package to this guy. It was delivered already on After 1 week, I still have not heard from him or received money. Tried to WhatsApp him, no response! Was wondering is it common that I had to follow up payment or what’s the procedure. So far, the experience is quite negatively

2 years ago

I saw this post and joined the buying group. Last week I received a text from U.S mint saying it was shipped so I WhatsApp Deepali at what point she would pay and the procedure upon receiving the coins. But she didn’t answer my inquires at all. It makes me feel very anxious and can’t help to think it might be fraudulent. What is your take? I don’t think they offer very clear procedure and q&a like others out there. She also cancelled the WhatsApp chatting group you mentioned here and want people to pay $25 to join a “slack”… Read more »

2 years ago

Hi! What about tomorrows Mint Release “Limited Edition 2021 Silver Proof Set – American Eagle Collection” 21RCN Any offer for it?