Last Call – Ends 4 pm EDT 9/25: Win 3 Hilton Nights Worldwide

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Win 3 Hilton nights worldwide and help a a points traveler.

Trevor Wright is a friend of mine, a great traveler, and has made a business, Mile Method, out of working with travelers to earn and redeem frequent flyer points. He has regularly given me tips.

Trevor Wright

Trevor Wright

Trevor’s raffle is raising funds for his stem cell treatment. The raffle is $100 for an entry. Enter here.

You can track odds of winning on the raffle page. Since it is a paid entry, the odds are much better than a typical free giveaway.

The prize is 3 Hilton weekend nights valid at any Hilton portfolio hotel worldwide. I have entered myself. Maybe we’ll get a Bora Bora weekend!

Enter by 4 pm EDT on September 25, 2018.

Trevor also has a GoFundMe compain.

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