Introducing the Quick Tips Destination Series

I am trying something new on the blog. I just returned from a Nordic swing: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Aland, Sweden, Greenland and Denmark. I learned a lot, took many pictures, have ideas for numerous blog posts, and already it is drifting to the pile of trips from the past two years in my blog backlog. I’ll keep humoring/deceiving myself that I will catch up with the time-consuming elaborate travelogues.

While things are fresh I will chip out concise thoughts and tips that may help you when in the neighborhood.

The idea is to cover:

  • Why I picked where I went in the destination
  • How I put it together
  • Tips and gotchas I learned along the way
  • Do I recommend someone retrace my path?

These will not be a (pet peeve) ‘Ultimate Guide to…’ Guidebooks and the rest do not need to be replaced by me. This is about my honest take and the stuff the ‘Ultimate Guides’ missed.

I reached 205 Travelers Century Club countries this trip (119 to go!). This series might be a way to count down back through time to revisit the whole raft.

On to the Greenland ice sheet

On to the Greenland ice sheet

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Agreed it’s not a competition.


I am looking forward to the Nordic trip as that is one I want to take..
I am currently in Lisbon, heading to Poland, then Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and ending in Helsinki….a nice little trip….


Great idea! Looking forward to your thoughts from the many places you’ve visited. Selfishly would also love if you can do posts about which were your favorite and why. Always looking for inspiration on new places to visit especially those that are less well known.


My travel style is closer to yours and I have always been fascinated by your “rapid” travel style.

For me the flight timing and the scheduling of the transfer timings would be the most interesting.

I know this could be tricky to post due to leave “early” Friday or taking advantage of work perks….but as much as you could share would be great.

Could help some people to travel more efficiently, if not as rapid. ….


,+1 good idea


Also, is there any tip to make a good picture like you did in this post with carry a selfie stick?? Did your tour guide help you to take all pictures along the way? Or you bring your own camera tripod?


You are so handsome in that picture! Where is it? Thump up to make a baby step to improve backlog. Can you write more about Denmark and Iceland?


Nicely done! We still have a ways to go to catch Lee. I can’t believe I haven’t hit the century mark yet so 205 is nuts.