Will Citi Launch a New ThankYou Business Card?

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Citi has had a zombie CitiBusiness ThankYou card with poor rewards and benefits for several years. For at least a month that has been gone from the Citi website. Links around the internet for the card lead to an application error. That leaves only the American Airlines business card.

Citi Small Business Credit Cards

Where is the CitiBusiness ThankYou card?

Without any basis beyond supposition, and no financial relationship with Citi or contacts with them, consider:

  1. CitiBusiness ThankYou has been gone from the website for a while. This happens from time to time with cards, such as Fairmont disappearing from the Chase website, yet cards usually come back or remain active with their co-brand partners. In this case, ThankYou is Citi’s rewards program and with only one other active business card, it is hardly pruned from the website due to clutter.
  2. Citi has attacked the Amex Platinum card with improvements and marketing to its Citi Prestige card.
  3. Citi has attacked the Chase Sapphire Preferred card with improvements and marketing to its Citi Premier card.
  4. Citi has attacked Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards with addition of a coalition of the willing transfer partners to ThankYou.
  5. Citi can’t have failed to notice the presumed success of Chase’s Ink line of business cards tied to Ultimate Rewards.

Or maybe Citi simply doesn’t want to do small business cards.

It would be nice to have a great new Citi card, here’s hoping.

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[…] Will Citi Launch a New ThankYou Business Card? by Rapid Travel Chai. Only a matter of time before their business cards get a revamp, hopefully it happens soon rather than later. […]

Harlan V.
8 years ago

That would be awesome! I’d love to see what they come up with. Liking where Citi is headed lately.