One Big Happy comic strip on travel boasting

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One Big Happy has a great comic strip on travel for the sake of ego and exhibition. Here’s the link. Unfortunately the licensing fee for posting the image here is beyond the Rapid Travel Chai media budget of $0.

The comic shows an elderly couple seemingly interested only in bragging about the cost of their European vacations, without even pictures to show for their expenditure.

The message is not against luxury travel, rather that travel should be about internally meaningful experiences. When travel is primarily about showing off for external validation, be it on cost, high or low, adversity, remoteness, whatever,  it can hardly be as psychically rewarding as something  so intimately special to hesitate even to share with others.

So, have a chuckle at the comic strip, and for your next trip, think about what would make you most happy regardless of if anyone else ever finds out. And go for it!

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