NYtick: BroadwayBox for Broadway discounts

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Broadway Week is wrapping up but BroadwayBox is an excellent source for discount codes year-round. Reader Alan L has been involved in NY’s theater scene since childhood and recommends the site for its comprehensive listings. It works like typical coupon websites, providing offer details and directing to each show’s website for booking.

BroadwayBox covers various other attractions, accommodation and dining in NY, plus London, Orlando and Las Vegas, as well as concerts and sports events in many markets, but The Rapid Traveler has not conducted a detailed investigation.

How does BroadwayBox compare to the iconic TKTS booths? On pricing, probably each has its strengths. TKTS in Times Square only sells same-day tickets while the other locations also have next-day matinee tickets. For shows that are absolutely must-see, advance booking with a coupon code is the better play than hoping for a same-day steep discount. For a roll of the dice and the experience of lining up at the iconic booth, TKTS is a great option.

Readers, what are your ways to save on Broadway shows?

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