Stone Mountain, Georgia: Confederate bas-relief and ‘Just Hit It’

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Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, about a half hour drive east of Atlanta, is part natural park, part theme park, and a towering tribute to the Confederates, topped off by the world’s largest bas-relief. That carving, completed in 1972 after a long, fitful history, honors Confederate leaders Jefferson David, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The mountain has a troubled history as the focal point of the 20th-century revival of the Ku Klux Klan. Today, history is an uncomfortable backdrop to a destination with activities as varied as the Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard and the Yogi Bear 4-D Adventure.

Stone Mountain 1

The Rapid Traveler was at Stone Mountain today for golf with a swarm of sand sharks, the opposing two lawyers turning on their best games at the turn with addition of a wager over the park vehicle fee. He was wrung dry by them on the Stonemont Course and then walked a further 18 on the Lakemont Course, which likely sees few repeat walkers, with its 20-minute walk between 9 and 10 and then again back to the clubhouse after 18. No water coolers and one broken drinking fountain, tattooed “FIX ME” in permanent marker, left The Rapid Traveler parched, feet blistered after walking 36, but contentendly happy after a full day outside. Both courses have interesting layouts, plenty of variety, and diabolical par 3s. A dash of humor is found on sprinkler heads far from holes, instead of yardage, emblazoned with “Just Hit It”.

Stone Mountain 2

The summer Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision, projected over the Dixie triumvirate, is a guilty pleasure of frequent visitors, though our Altanta-based correspondent believes it joins the Cyclorama in his category, “If you don’t go, you will regret, once you go, you will regret more. The Rapid Traveler has not seen the show but hopes it is not as cringeworthy as the Krusty Komedy Klassic.

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