Here We Go! Monaco, Corsica and Normandy

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I am bound for France: a day in Monaco, a day in Corsica, and a two-day road trip out to Normandy.

Monaco is because I have 7 UN countries left and this will nudge that down to 6.

Corsica is a curiosity to me and a Travelers Century Club territory. Many of my Europe favorites at Atlantic islands. Now I am turning to the Mediterranean.

Normandy is for the landing beaches of WWII. This has long been among my top travel wishes.

The trip started with $400 fares to Europe and my last chance at successfully redeeming United 1K GPUs before I leave that status behind. Even mid-winter US to Europe it is hard to find confirmable upgrade space. I got it on the return. For my departure I was waitlisted and when it was hopeless, I did a same-day confirmed to route through Washington-Dulles. I did not get Newark-Washington but did get Washington-Paris!

In France I will hop down to Nice on Air France. Though SkyTeam status does not grant domestic itinerary lounge access, it appears that Air France grants access on economy tickets from Paris airports to destinations in France. If so, that is reasonable because it is hardly different than a flight to Belgium or Netherlands that is considered international for SkyTeam lounge access purposes.

I’ll head over to Monaco for the day, then back to Nice for the last flight over to Ajaccio.

Corsica has several airports. The choice of Ajaccio is for flight schedule that works best to come in from Nice and back out to Paris-Orly. I remembered to select the last row on the Air Corsica ATR! (The plane boards from the rear.)

I will have a day to tool around Corsica. The original trip plan was to continue to Sardinia. Ferries don’t run again until spring.

At night I will fly up to Paris-Orly, pick up a car with my free Sixt Platinum status, and drive to Chartres.

That long day positions me for the Chartres Cathedral at opening and an onward drive to Mont Saint-Michel.

An overnight in Bayuex sets up the famed tapestry, then forward to the beaches. An evening haul back to Paris.

Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport has a good rate, promos that stack, and is one of the cluster that does not involve shuttle buses garnering thousands of complaining Trip Advisor reviews.

A quick jaunt to highlights of Europe and history!

Readers, what are your suggestions and tips?

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Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

This was a great help, I followed a similar circuit. I should have started up at the casino and worked my way downhill instead of the reverse.

6 years ago

There is an express bus from the Nice airport to Monaco for 22 Euro one way. It’s about a 45 minute ride. Leaves every 1/2 hour. Will save you a lot in taxi fare. Took it in Nov. 2016 and it was very comfortable.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Pauline

Thank you, and I found it is 33 euro for a roundtrip, though I stubbornly, well, let’s call it research purposes, did took the 52/70 bus to Nice and the 100 bus to Monaco, 1.50 + 1.50 euro each way, and took a bit over double the time plus hunting around for the stops.

6 years ago

If you have time, visit the American Cemetery. But…also visit the German cemetery–the difference between the two will leave you speechless…and it will be one of the things you remember for a long long while….

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Steelgal32

I will do that, thanks!

6 years ago

definitely visit the abbey at mount saint michel though you need to get past the tourist traps along the way…

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  tommyx

A gauntlet of purgatory?