Here We Go! San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily and Lampedusa

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6 countries to go and the next 2 are up!

A Delta $400 fare to Milan that I am using expiring Global Upgrade Certificates.

Italy I have never counted despite transits and a layover visit to the Vatican. This time I snagged a last minute ticket to see The Last Supper in Milan. Once I gaze on that sublime work I will feel justified in saying I have visited Italy.

Diverting into the city presses time on the 4-hour drive out to San Marino and back. The last of the UN micro-nations for me.

From there I am Sicily-bound.

On the way in I have a day transit of Palermo to visit the Valley of the Temples. On the way out a half-day transit of Catania to see the Greek theater at Taormina. In between a visit to the island of Lamepdusa, in recent years in the news for its proximity to Africa and destination for many African refugeees/migrants. Pope Francis famously ministered to refugees on this island.

Lastly, over to Sardinia.

Readers, what are your suggestions and tips?

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Excited to see how you piece this together. I may travel on business to Lyon area and was looking what TCC I could link to a trip. Your mentioned list, Andorra, Gibraltar, Lichtenstein, and Luxembourg are prime candidates.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

All of those take a bit of a drive to access so allow enough time. For instance, I returned to BCN from Andorra on a Sunday which was massive traffic from weekend shoppers. Luxembourg has fewer flights and less convenient airlines that I would have thought, for sure visit the American Cemetery and if you have a car, heading into Belgium for the Ardennes sites around Bastogne and maybe Spa, the original…spa. Gibraltar is my favorite of the group.