United First and Business Paris CDG Sheraton Arrival Benefit

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Update 3/12/18: reader Dan reports that he has visited the hotel today and was told the contract has expired. Looks like this is gone. I’ll update again if I receive word that United has later re-upped the contract.

I arrived Paris CDG this morning and tried to slip in the Terminal 1 Star Alliance Lounge to clean up.

No dice. The lounge dragon had a printed placard at the ready: departing flights only.

When I reacted less than favorably she mentioned that I if I want a shower, as a United business class arrival, I can head over to the Sheraton at Terminal 2. Huh?

If you want to read a grouchy FlyerTalk thread, here you go. If not, the gist seems to be that these hotel arrangements are a holdover from Continental days.

I took the train over to Terminal 2. If you are arriving Paris and heading to the city, going to Terminal 2 may not be worth the effort. If you are connecting out of Terminal 2 like me, then it is a breeze as the Sheraton is truly in the terminal.

I was concerned that the Sheraton would ask for some voucher from United. Happily, they took my boarding pass without hesitation. The more junior reception agent turned to the more senior who pulled out a United logo form and checked me in. No other names on the sheet.

United Sheraton Daily Report Sheet

The benefit is only for 45 minutes. No breakfast. Key presumably works at the fitness center if you need a very quick workout.

I was assigned a Satellite Room 2 which doubles as a meeting room. There is no bed. The bathroom is basic, with the typical Sheraton amenities.

Sheraton CDG Satellite 2 Sheraton CDG Satellite 2 Sheraton CDG Satellite 2

Good to know this exists. It is not on the United website.

Note: I have not found a report of this working for United elite status traveling in economy.

Readers, what other hotels do United business arrivals have access to?

p.s. I found a delight in the lobby, a pile of The Economist’s The World in 2017!

Sheraton CDG Lobby Sheraton CDG Lobby Sheraton CDG Lobby


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4 years ago

I just tried this this morning. The hotel say the contract with United has expired.

4 years ago

Anyone know if this would work for a passenger traveling on a UA codeshare (UA ticket but AC metal)?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Dan

I very much doubt it, maybe if the boarding pass is United and they don’t look too closely.

bob kelly
bob kelly
6 years ago

Just used this with my wife and 8 month old 2 weeks ago. The Sheraton is very convenient for those connecting to the trains as it is directly above through train station in T2. Just wish it came with coffee!

6 years ago

I was part of that (unlinked by the way) grouchy Flyer Talk thread. I was the Doubting Thomas who went to the Sheraton and found to my surprise that they still allowed UA Business and First customer a short day room visit. When I went a few years ago, the sign-up sheet still said “Continental”. That was post merger and CO had originally set up the arrangement since it did not have a real lounge at CDG. I’m surprised that this has continued and the masthead now says United. To my knowledge, this is the only lounge-type facility at CDG… Read more »

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Sam

Link fixed. Blogging while jetlagged.

I was reading that thread on the train to T2, for all the FT-ers put you through I am glad you got your 45 minutes!

6 years ago

Actually I did not go in and use the service. I went to the Sheraton to see if the service was really available to resolve the FT thread. It turned out the poster on FT who said it exists was right, though he was sort of a FT Duke about the whole thing.

And the post upthread about this being convenient for those going to the train is right on. This would be a great refresher after an overnight flight if you’re headed for a long train ride.

6 years ago

My understanding was they discontinued this program. Good data point.