Inside Look: Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington-Dulles

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I had a transit of Washington-Dulles (IAD) with just enough time to hustle from the United D gates, over to the new Turkish Airlines Lounge at the B gates, then back across to the United D gates for my departure. As a Star Alliance Gold member I can use the Turkish Airlines lounge when flying Star Alliance carriers, even domestic on United.

Important to say that if you are at a C or D gate and don’t have time to navigate IAD’s network of trains, sandcrawlers, and long walkways, you might want to spare the effort. Just when you think you have arrived so face another corridor stretching to the horizon or towering escalator.

IAD TunnelIAD Escalator

The lounge is excellent for a US airport lounge.

You can’t expect a replication of the famed Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul. Here you get a compact, well-appointed lounge with distinctive Turkish Airlines touches such as the plexiglass luggage lockers. Like the lounge in Istanbul, the room temperature is turned up.

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IADThe staff is attentive. When I took a picture of the dessert bar, an attendant popped out to say, “Oh, at least let me refresh it first.” I haven’t heard that at a lounge before!

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IADThe food is pan-Arab mezze and kebabs. All excellent, though not iconic Turkish. I wish the catering to be more distinctly Turkish, for instance the teas are a US brand rather than the the Turkish Airlines herbal teas you find in-flight.

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD

Saudia uses the lounge and the Jeddah flight was the main crowd during my visit. The only newspapers in the lounge were Arabic, no Turkish or English. With that and the food, I would think it more a Saudia lounge if not for the Turkish flags everywhere.

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD

In the libation department this lounge is certainly not Saudia. Past the busy main room and down the hall past the bathrooms, is a full bar and lounge area. Only two businessmen there on my visit. This is the place to chill.

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD

In contrast, the main room was full, except a comfy spot with a view to the runway.

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD

There are bathrooms, showers, and prayer room with ablution fountain.

Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD Turkish Airlines Lounge IADThis new Turkish Airlines Lounge is a great addition to the US lounge landscape. The food is worth the visit. The hard product is very Turkish Airlines, I hope the soft product becomes even more Turkish.

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wide stance Larry
wide stance Larry
5 years ago

I didn’t even know TK had any outstation lounges. How does this one compare to the others?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

This is the only one that I know or have been. They are into bold soft power statements so I think that is more the reason for this lounge at this airport than travel need.