Morning Chai: The President’s Inbox

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Today I recommend the The President’s Inbox, a podcast series from the Council on Foreign Relations.

CFR The Presidents Inbox

Each episode is an in-depth discussion of Trump’s transition to the White House. CFR takes no institutional positions, and the hosts and guests are balanced while stating opinions in their areas of expertise.

The episodes are serious analysis in the face of the increasing absurdity of the transition. Come January 20th, it is serious for us all, so arm yourself on the key international issues.

You can subscribe here on iTunes.

Or, here are the individual episodes:

This week Tavis Smiley interviewed Richard Haass, President of CFR. Listen here. Mr. Haass has served both Democrat and Republican administrations. He is net-negative on President Obama’s foreign policy record. During the campaign he has was not explicitly #NeverTrump, though is not formally involved with the incoming administration.

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