Unqualifed Reviewer Flying United Polaris Dreamliner Tonight

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In my last gasp of corporate life United 1K, I as determined to finally successfully use a GPU.

I have been unwilling to pay up for an upgradeable fare class. In November when those $400 to Europe fares hit, the United ones to Paris and Dublin were upgrade-eligible fare class. I booked one of each, and each had one segment instant confirm and one waitlist.

United Polaris

Well, my flight tonight out of Newark sold out in business so I am, and I can’t believe I am spending the extra time to do this, flying down to Washington-Dulles to pick up the flight across the Atlantic. Instead of a quick nonstop in exit row I am adding about 4 hours to my trip to swap for 7 hours in Polaris.

I hope the new Turkish Lounge in Washington-Dulles justifies the detour!

I haven’t paid attention to United’s Polaris rollout. All I know is this is a Dreamliner.

What am I in for?

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5 years ago

Having just done round trip in Polaris this weekend, don’t forget to ask for the mattress pad. It really makes things much better but none of the FAs offered it proactively.

5 years ago

Flew UA Polaris first the other day in a 747. The food wasn’t very good but the new Polaris bedding is outstanding. Most comfortable sleep I’ve had on a plane. The 787’s have the UA best business class seats but it’s still 2x2x2. UA PJs on 12 hour flights are very nice as well. My take is it’s worth it, you’ll get a good sleep and maybe the catering will be better. http://www.rewardflying.com/report-blog/2017/1/2/united-airlines-b747-400-polaris-first-class-pvg-ord

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  RewardFlying


5 years ago

Menu will be quite improved over the old menu in some ways, worse in others. No more bread basket or cracker selection, but nice mid-flight snacks and a hot breakfast before landing. The smart people (not me!) fill up in the Turkish Lounge prior to departure and the Lufthansa lounge upon arrival so they can sleep the entire flight.