Inside Shanghai’s 13,000 Household Gated Community

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The mind-boggling population density of China’s major cities is unfathomable without first-hand experience. Here’s a tour of a mega gated community, Shanghai Cannes (上海康城) in that city’s south. Estimates of the population vary, I will go with the security guards that said there are about 13,000 households, some claims have the inhabitants at as many as 80,000 which seems a stretch, though average household numbers are probably high from 3-generation households and also the apartments rented by migrant lower-income professionals that can have quite a few occupants, so 40-50,000 may be possible. Located in Xinzhuang in a long stretch of massive gated communities, Shanghai Cannes is known for its extreme density. Within the confines there are all the services needed from cradle to, well, there is no cemetery. There is a network of bus stops reminiscent of an amusement park, and all the nearby supermarkets run free shuttle buses.

Shanghai Cannes 03

Welcome to Cannes

Shanghai Cannes 01

Long ago sold out, sales building crumbles

Shanghai Cannes 23

Fully occupied, the management company cuts costs

Shanghai Cannes 04

The layout

Shanghai Cannes 02

On the move

Shanghai Cannes 05

Handymen buzz around

Shanghai Cannes 21

One tower of many

Shanghai Cannes 10

A rare sunny, dry day for laundry

Shanghai Cannes 11

Network of canals

Shanghai Cannes 06

Park areas

Shanghai Cannes 16

The fishing pole to end all fishing poles

Shanghai Cannes 08


Shanghai Cannes 07


Shanghai Cannes 13

Retirement home

Shanghai Cannes 12

Many building have small grocers

Shanghai Cannes 15

Nearly anything bought can be delivered

Shanghai Cannes 19

Central square

Shanghai Cannes 17

Beauty salon

Shanghai Cannes 18

Stuffed animal laundry

Shanghai Cannes 09

Spa massage

Shanghai Cannes 20

Breast enhancement and weight loss

Shanghai Cannes 22

A world expo sculpture garden

Shanghai Cannes 14

Here come the new neighbors

Shanghai Cannes 24

Strolling home

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9 years ago

You had me at stuffed animal laundry…

9 years ago

Amazing! We will be in Shanghai in a few weeks…but I would never think to go to a gated community. Pictures are great!

9 years ago

Thank goodness, an interesting post not about the 75,000 bonus from AE!

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  sw

@sw – it all unfolded while I was flying PVG-NRT-JFK…and my life is no worse for missing it.

9 years ago

Awesome post. I’m sure its sold out since they have a stuffed animal laundry.

9 years ago

It’s like Stuytown but Chinese.

9 years ago

This is a great article. I just returned from China and will be creating two Shanghai posts. Would it be OK if I referenced back to your post? I did not get a chance to visit this part of the city.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@WanderingEntrepreneur – yes, of course.

9 years ago

Just as interesting as a conventional tourist attraction!!!