Asian buffets are our guilty US pleasure – avoid the glop and the goop

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I perhaps should not confess this in between trips to Shanghai laden with exquisite feasts, but seeing as my wife and I are on the road in the US for the first time in a while, we shall admit that we often stop at strip mall Asian buffets. You can always find them and they have long hours.

I hear the howls of derision, though hear me out. We love vegetables and we love fruit. Restaurants in China always have a major section of the menu devoted to vegetable dishes. At many restaurants in the US, of many cuisines, vegetables are either salad or garnish, the later often taken from a can and overcooked. Fruits are treated little better.

Here’s the Rapid Travel Chai Asian Buffet Maxim: avoid the glop and the goop.

You know those dishes that are foreign to Chinese yet staples of Chinese restaurants in the US, with sludge sauces that sit in the buffet congealing for hours? Give those a pass.

Focus on crisp veggies and the fruits. You may overeat, but it is relatively healthy overeating.

Here’s a few pics from Kyojin Buffet in Ft. Lauderdale that we quite enjoyed, even the sushi was passable.

Kyojin Buffet 1

Kyojin Buffet 2

Kyojin Buffet 3

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i do not like chinese food, but love korean and thai, i am a regular at a thai restaurant in my area, the owner and his wife prepare all meals themselves, and are really healthy and tasty, but i cant stand the chinese buffets, all fake and no taste.


According the small map in the upper right corner of the Yelp page, the restaurant TY mentions is across the street from the church of “I am very broke”.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Andrew – oh my, this is a must visit.


IF you really like Chinese food and Chinese Buffet, you have to try the new China buffet in Pembroke Pines, FL It is one of the best in FL. This buffet is not for everyone. You may not like some of the dishes like chicken feet. Chinese and Asian will love this place. I am from Hong Kong, I worked at my family run Chinese restaurant as a chef for 5 years while I was in college. I know Chines food. My work takes me to all over US. I stay over 200 nights at hotels. i look for good… Read more »

Rapid Travel Chai

@TY – thanks for the suggestions!