Chai Digest: Phallic People’s Daily Building and Eva’s Hello Kitty Plane

China: Phallic People’s Daily building causes stir (scotsman). And this is the official government mouthpiece.

Flying on EVA Air’s Hello Kitty themed plane: a flight to remember (Terminal U).

The End Of An Era For Another Regional Airline (Aviation Queen). So long, Pinnacle, I slighlty knew ye from NWA days.

Ancient Syrian castles serve again as fighting positions (Washington Post).

Korean Bathhouses And The Children’s Age Limit Dilemma (KoreaBANG).

UAE’s Etihad Takes a ‘Game-Changing’ Stake in India’s Jet Airways (Knowledge@Wharton Today).

Two Sobering China Reads—and Some Cheer (The Atlantic – James Fallows).

Zipcar expands car rentals to airports. (USA Today)

A Creative Buzz Charges a Montreal Neighborhood (NYT Slideshow) I am making my first trip there in June on a wife appeasement trip.

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Enjoy Montreal. I went twice last summer for a long weekend and a regular weekend. There are some really great places to visit there. The subway is very interesting with it’s rubber wheels that make a very distinctive noise.