Chase Credit Card Travel Notifications No Longer Needed?

I dutifully fill out travel notifications for my credits when they have online forms, like Capital One and Chase. Amex says notification is not needed for their cards. Many travelers don’t bother or find the notifications do not seem to have effect. Since my destinations come fast and unusual, I keep submitting notifications.

As I pass through Tokyo-Narita I find a notice from Chase Fraud Alerts that I not longer need to submit travel notifications on my Hyatt card:

Chase Hyatt Travel Notifications

I have not received this notice for my other personal cards, either with or without Smart Chip, or my business credit cards. MJ on Travel has received the email for his Marriott card, and his readers have similarly reported only receiving notices on certain of their cards.

I have the Hyatt, Marriott and Priority Club cards and generally try to use them a bit when overseas to have some activity on these cards that I keep for the benefits, not spend. I have never had a fraud issue with a Chase card, so cannot report on that.

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Fred B
Actually CHASE is the only card we have that makes this difficult. We regularly (2-3 times per year) travel to Brazil. When you try to set a notification to go there, CHASE informs you that they “can not” set this up. Of course they could, they are simply to lazy &/or stupid to do so. Yes, I get it, Brazil is a high risk country, but we have an ATM from B of A, a Master from Barclays, a VISA from Cap1. an AmEx BLUE and used to have a Master from Citi. All of them let you set up… Read more »
Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

Got a notice for my Marriott card yesterday too. It bothered me – I like to let them know where I’m going to be so that there is less of a chance that my card will be declined. There is nothing more annoying than having a card not work where you are far away with minimal time to work out issues over the phone!


I didnt like how the email said that they will decline purchases if they look suspicious. It would seem that any large out of country purchase could qualify. I guess I will wait to see how this plays out.


It seems weird and I got emails for two out of four cards.

Citi is a friggin joke. Their travel notification only allows up to three countries. When I called and asked about adding more it seemed like a ridiculous request!

Marshall Jackson

I got the email for my Sapphire Preferred last night.


I’ve never notified the card issuers of my international travel. Never had an issue, even using one card in three different non-contiguous countries in one day.

Kathy (Will Run For Miles)

I received this email for both my Sapphire Preferred and my Hyatt cards. I’ll still call when traveling, but wonder what the motivation was for these emails…

Tara @ Miles To The Wild

I’ve gotten emails like that for both my Priority Club Visa and CSP. The thing is, I will probably still call if I am going to be using my card in some exotic location just to be sure.

Rapid Travel Chai

@RJ Brown – I find Citi customer service the worst across the board, I dread dealing with them.

RJ Brown

Chase is great about these……..Citi is the worst…..they declined an $8 charge 50 miles from my home “AFTER” they had approved a $600 and a $300 just minutes before…….when I called to tell them no one had stolen the card, I let them know as a reward for the harassment I was putting their card in my filing cabinet “timeout” for 30 days………….bad behavior deserves punishment I think……….