Eating anywhere but the hotel: Boca Raton’s Tom Sawyer and his Breakfast in a Pot

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Obscene repast. Not conceptually different from lowering face into a trough. And so good.

Tom Sawyer 2

Breakfast in a Pot at Tom Sawyer, Boca Raton.

The Rapid Traveler and Mrs. enjoyed the view from the Boca Beach Club (thank you Hilton 2011Q4 free night certificates) but rarely dine at a hotel restaurant. No matter how objectively good, hotel restaurants generally seem generic and soulless. The Morimoto outpost in the sister hotel, Boca Raton Resort & Club, lost its edge with croquet played outside.

They prefer to seek out local hangouts and Tom Sawyer fit the bill: cars crammed into a bland strip mall parking lot, decor that defies modernization, and sassy waitstaff.

Mrs. Rapid Traveler sampled the Carolina omelet, while The Rapid Traveler went whole hog with Breakfast in a Pot, a cheesy scramble baked on a bed of biscuits and sausage gravy.

The scramble choices are Western, 3 meat or veggie. The waitress, upon hearing the order for the pot, gave a knowing nod to The Rapid Traveler and intoned, “3 meat.” It was not a question. Nor could there be. Best to follow orders in a place like Tom Sawyer.

Tom Sawyer 1

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9 years ago


Despite being a seasoned US traveller, I still can’t work out exactly what you were eating. I am used to sentences without prepositions in the US, but the menu seems to be missing nouns as well.

Can you explain?

9 years ago

FINALLY, a blogger who doesn’t eat at hotels. 😉 I refuse to dine in a hotel restaurant.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@The Weekly Flyer – it was nice and modern. The interesting aspect is the relationship with its sister property, the old country club, with shuttles running every 5-10 minutes, so can sample a modern beach retreat, but also head over to the other for more dining options, golf and other land-based activities, and old-world charm.

The Weekly Flyer
9 years ago

How Was the Boca club? I’m going there this year.

9 years ago

A little north of there is the Dune Deck Cafe. A very tasty low-end place on some high-priced land. Worth a visit.