Gate check bags for strollers and car seats

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All those nice strollers and car seats, unprotected, gate checked. The way checked luggage is treated, damage must be commonplace.

Sunday evening a couple traveling from Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) with cloaked their stroller and car seat with handy gate check bags. The bags provide some manner of protection for all the dangly pieces and perhaps subconsciously elicit better attention from handlers.

Gate Check Covers 1

The bags are made by J.L. Childress  and come in sizes for standard & double strollers, umbrella strollers, and car seats. eBags sells them in sets of 2 for $23.99 and $27.99. The bags fold into themselves and zip up for easy storage.

Those not wanting to pay the price or tote bright red bags can crib the idea with a laundry bag or similar.

Gate Check Covers 2

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10 years ago

Agree 100% with Michael. Our stroller came with its own duffel bag from the manufacturer and we used to placer the stroller inside the bag prior to checking at the gate. I can count on one hand the times the stroller was handed back to us at the gate after landing. Most of the times they were sent directly to the baggage claim area and we had no stroller until them. It surely protects the stroller from getting damaged by the airline but good luck you will have it back when you need the most.

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Santastico4

@Michael W Travels and Santastico4 – thanks for the tips, it may come in handy for me…sometime, and certainly useful right now for many readers. There may be something to having a bright red bag with “gate check” emblazoned on it. At least the guy on my flight got his stuff back, at LGA no less.

Michael W Travels
10 years ago

We have a bag especially made for one of our strollers. The problem is that it looks like a suitcase when put inside. Even with tags & long pieces of tape saying gatecheck it still went to the wrong place 2/4 flights.
For our car seat we use a laundry bag.