LGA: Delta SkyPriority and TSA PreCheck, Fri 8 pm

At New York LaGuardia the Delta Sky Priority security line and TSA PreCheck benefits ends at 7 pm.  There are scheduled flights until 10 pm. And the line police agents rival Miami for nastiest in the country. Here’s to hoping Delta works on this as part of their LGA upgrade.

LGA PreCheck

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If this is how the elite get treated imagine how bad it is for everyone else.

TSA is useless anyway, just another reason to avoid air travel.

Rapid Travel Chai

@DeltaDCFlyer – The policy makes sense to Delta cost-wise, I imagine, just darn irritating, based on the length of the line and the number of Sky Priority passengers stuck in it.


They do the exact same thing at DCA. The idea is for business passengers in the mornings and for return afternoon/early evening flights.