Dining in Grenoble, France – double dinner: clients happy, wife mollified

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Bring a spouse on a business trip is a delicate proposition, especially when the only one. Sunday night in Grenoble, France produced an unexpected client dinner and I selected classic seafood and sauerkraut cafe Les Archers, one of the new restaurants open on Sunday not named Speed Rabbit Pizza or similar.

Les Archers Grenoble 1

How much is that seafood in the window?

Les Archers Grenoble 2

Closing down for the night

The food is superb and overwhelming, two guests each ordered sauerkraut plates with varied sausages, they arrived together on a platter wider than the table, perched above twin burners, resting on several pounds of sauerkraut on embankments of potatoes. Another ordered salmon that came from a fish of historic size. The desserts are epic. Too bad I could not play the gawking tourist with camera.

I returned to the hotel to a wife not tolerant of tales of my meal, though she had done quite well elsewhere, Bistro Romain, at my remote treat.

Les Archers Grenoble 3

Polish owner and waitstaff

Les Archers Grenoble 4


Monday I had a follow-up client dinner, at a more modern restaurant in a converted monastery, Pignol Sainte Cécile, well-presented food and a developing pattern of large portions in Grenoble. During dinner the persistent text messages came in, someone was waiting for her dinner.

Not that it was a hardship on anything but my belt, at 11 pm I headed over to Les Archers just in time to assist with a steaming vat of mussels and frog in bubbling garlic and butter, restoring a bit of marital harmony.

Hearty food in a town ringed by alluring mountains towering overhead, with numerous ski resorts within a day trip. The France traveler can do pretty well in Grenoble.

Les Archers Grenoble 5

Stuffed bird a la chandelier

Les Archers Grenoble 6

Look at the size of those desserts

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