Blue Milk Isn’t Blue: What is Air New Zealand Serving Us?

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I walked into the Air New Zealand lounge in Auckland Sunday morning to a school cafeteria scene. Schools holidays were starting and families were everywhere.

Air New Zealand Lounge Auckland

Having done business with an affiliate in New Zealand, it seemed hardly a time we wanted a meeting that school holidays weren’t starting or ending. Good for them.

The lounge was chaos from which I soon fled to the quiet 3rd-party lounge using my Priority Pass to gain entry. Before I left, my discovery of the day was blue milk.

Air New Zealand Lounge Auckland blue milk

There were two milk choices: trim milk and blue milk. Trim I took to be some form of low fat while perhaps blue was whole? Definitely not blue in color.

The only staff I could get to break stride had limited English and no idea what she was pouring. Other passengers were too busy trying to keep their kids sticky fingers from the crepes off of everything.

I enjoyed my cereal and left research to a later time.

The cryptic names refer to the bottle labels used by milk brands in New Zealand, they are:

  • Extra/super trim = light green = 0.1% fat
  • Trim = dark green = 0.5% fat
  • Reduced fat/lite = light blue = 1.5% fat
  • Standard = dark blue = 3.3% fat

Colors and names proliferate, see the full range from Anchor.

And here I thought it was a cool Star Wars tie-in!

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6 years ago

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru would be disappointed!