Baked Potato Boutique ($8 for a ‘virgin’)

Continuing on today’s shopping theme, work appointments for the Mrs made a slight intrusion on our holiday in Brazil, taking us to ritzy Cidade Jardim in São Paulo, a shopping mall so pretentious that the only permitted modes of arrival are private car, taxi or helicopter. Our only recourse was taxi.

The leafy garden style is pleasant.

Cidade Jardim

We chanced upon the unofficial symbol of the mall’s excess: Baked Potato Boutique. A ‘virgin’ (plain) potato goes for 16.3 BRL (about 7.8 USD). With fixin’s the price can more than double.

Baked Potato Boutique

Restaurant prices in Brazil are high-enough that after a week here this does not sound as absurd as I once would have thought. It was the cheapest option in the mall and many of the lined-up customers were mall employees.

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Those prices I would expect in Tokyo’s Ginza area.


Man – how do I get my visa to go work over there selling potatoes? Maybe I can open a franchise.