Chai Digest November 17-23: Airborne gentlemen and Delta loves others’ old, cast-off planes

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How to Fly Like a Gentleman from The Art of Manliness is refined take on airborne comportment.

Delta loves old planes in this WSJ report, including 49 MD-90s it is rehabbing from other airlines. No surprise from my recent times often flying out of Newark, where both Delta and American seem to stash their worst domestic planes.

Hong Kong has great hikes to get out of the city, the WSJ highlights some of the hikes and I more comprehensively covered them in this earlier post.

Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler reports on Cambodia’s ‘Other Angkor Wat,’ Banteay Chhmar, see also my post.

China’s new passport map includes Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin in its territory, the latest move in the tit-for-tat border disputes between China and India.

A Skscanner of survey of flight attendants picks the perfect passenger and the most annoying habits of air passengers.

Can American Diplomacy Ever Come Out of Its Bunker? asks the NYT Magazine. Having seen quite a few US diplomatic missions, it is hard to see how diplomatic objectives can be achieved from unwelcoming fortresses.

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