Win Admirals Club passes – year-end gift from a reader

Reader JB, who contributed the awesome tip on Capital One car rentals, has offered 3 Admirals Club passes for readers. These expire 12/31/2012 so need to be used fast.

I will give a set of 2 to one reader and 1 to another reader, the holiday season should be fun for couples and singles.

The Giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post specifying if you want 2 passes or 1 pass, and since I have never been in an Admirals Club, tell me something interesting about them or a story from your experience of them.

One entry per person. The comment should include a valid email address for verification of winners. Comments must be submitted by Tuesday,November 27, 2012 at 23:59 EST. Comments that do not conform to the requirements will be disqualified; those that do not specify 2 passes or 1 will be in the pool for 1. The winners will be selected with the random number generator at from the pool of eligible entries specifying either prize, the winning numbers corresponding to comment numbers. The winners will be posted in a subsequent blog post and updated on this post. The winners will need to provide a US mailing address to Rapid Travel Chai to receive the prize (sorry, no non-US addresses). Rapid Travel Chai has no financial relationship with American Airlines.

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One pass please, to use when I go to Europe for X-mas!
Never been on Admirals Club so I cannot share any stories though… 🙂

Lilian Hawkinson

I sometimes travel with my kids (7 an 4 years old) to Brasil from Boston. It is a long flight with one stop either in Miami, Dallas or NYC. Kids get exhaust! Once we lost a connection and I decided to give a try in the Admirals Club. What a great idea! kids had fun taking a shower, watching cartoons in a special room for children and having something to eat. Time fly fast…. Now, they ask me again for the special place in the airport, but it is not always that I can afford.
I would like two passes.


The best use if the AC is to utilize the excellent agents for help in any sort of rebooking-reseating — it’s like having your own personal concierge — don’t be afraid to ask them anything for your travel on same day and in future

Kent currie

I would like 2 of them please. I have never been in a club and would love to check out the experience. I hear they are great place to lounge with free wi-fi and complimentary wine, beer, and soft drinks. Some even have showers.

They are also a great place to change your itinerary or chat with someone about future bookings.

Thanks for your consideration. Have a wonderful day.


The 2 passes. I have not been in an admirals club sadly so do not have anything interesting to share. I would use them on my way to Hawaii at Christmas.


Two passes pleases.


Never been one before, but can definitely use 2 of them this december. thanks!

phill gold

2 please.
Its a great place to escape to when traveling with a bay becuase it has snacks, wifi for movies and is quiet for them to sleep


Two passes please. We are traveling this christmas and it is perfect to have a quieter time in airports when the main waiting areas are packed with other travelers. It makes the whole experience less hectic.


I would love 2 passes for an upcoming trip to Europe! We will be traveling through LA and it would be great to check out the Admirals Club for a few hours.


Could definitely use a couple passes for our first trip to Germany. We’ve never been to an Admirals Club either, but we will give you a full report if we win the pair of passes:)

Ryan K

Tell you something interesting after I use them, because as of now Ihave never been in… I would love the set of two to try it out!


Complimentary drinks, snacks, and internet -plus a place for the kids to chill out. Can’t beat it. I’d love 2 passes for my daughter and I heading to Dallas!

Julie P

I heard there’s no showers available at the HNL AC. Have not had a chance to check out the club myself but hope to have the opportunity in about 1 week when we take a family vacation there. 2 AC passes would be great!


I, too, use the Admirals Club as a stopover for my daughter. She has sensory issues so the airport crowds can be overwhelming. The lounge kids area allows a more quiet, calming environment to relax and play before jumping on the plane and taking off. We try to get to the airport extra early just to go into the lounge for the time before the flight.

Thanks! (Prefer two but one pass is great)

James McGowan

I’ve actually only been in the AA lounge that is shared with Qantas in HNL never to a proper one. Hope this could change that.

I’d like two to get my finacee into one.

Abhishek Duggal

2 passes would be great! They have a phone-free area!


2 Passes Please

My wife and I took a long trip to Italy in April, and if it weren’t for the Admiral’s club access we acquired for the trip over, our travel would have been an awful experience. I’m not sure the gentleman who caught my wife burping in the lounge feels the same way however. The horror in his eyes…


Two things I especially like about the Admiral’s Club is 1) the view, and 2) the showers. In the AC, you can see the airport, runways, etc. much better than you’re able to from the terminal or at a gate. Some AC’s are equipped with showers. While I haven’t been able to try this out yet, I’m looking forward to it if I win 2 passes.


Just 1 pass please 🙂
We haven’t been in a lounge yet personally, but my wife and I got 2 free passes for her AAdvantage card. We’re flying AA out of MIA on 12/20 with my mother and would like for her to join us in the lounge 🙂


1 or two passes would work. Some Admirals clubs have a children’s room which is great for the little ones!

Josh B

I would like 2 passes please. While I have never been in one personally, I have heard it is a great way to save money on snacks purchased at the airport. Thank!

Scott M.

One pass, please. Never been in an Admirals Club, but would like to experience one.


One pass would suffice. My SO, who is not an AC member, is doing an epic MR to top off his AAdvantage account. He could use a one-day pass!


My wife and I have a long international trip towards the end of december. We would love to have two passes.
Thank you


Have a trip coming up. I can use a pass.


Haven’t been. Would like two.


Joseph G

Two passes would be amazing! As a surprise, I used points to get my wife and I to New York City for Christmas this year. We will be heading up that way instead of heading home after spending a few days with her parents. Getting some time in the admirals club would be the icing on the cake!


1 pass please. The wife is headed to Paris so she would love one of these.

Mike D

My fiancee and I have a month’s with of medical residency interviews this December and it would be amazing to have two passes to use to help make our travel more enjoyable! The Admiral Club at O’Hare is a much-needed oasis.

Thank you,


I would just like 1 pass please. 🙂

I’ve never been in an Admirals Club before, so I can’t share any cool stories. I’ll be traveling on AA in December though so I’d love the chance to check one out.

Thank you and JB for the giveaway!


My friend and I had been flying back and forth SFO-ORD all week taking a RT flight almost each day to qualify for AA EXP. We were waiting for a 6:30 a.m. flight and were exhausted. He took a nap and started snoring rather loudly. Thankfully not too many people were there, but one guy sitting near us just keep giving us bad looks. Turns out he was BA travel blogger Lucky. Once my friends mom found out that we were using her Amex to gain entry to the lounge, she canceled his card. Two passes please.

I used to work for a major airline, and I dreamed of the fabulousness that lurked behind the Admiral’s Club doors. When I finally got a job that paid real money rather than standby non-rev travel, I finally visited the first time. It was better than I had ever hoped. Our flight was delayed, and I intended to just buy a day pass. The agent worked so hard to rebook our connecting flights that I joined on the spot. Then I let my membership lapse because I am lazy – and cheap. I long to rejoin! I would like 2… Read more »
john gu

1 pass pls, i am in LA and DFW admiral club. LA is better both space and view.


I would like 1 pass please for an upcoming trip to Europe (with a 6 hour layover).

What I most appreciate about the Admirals Club is the (relative) peace and quiet!!!



1 pass please. For my travel from JFK to gnd for medical school.thanks


I would love two passes please! The Admiral’s Club is a great place to escape from the hoards of holiday travelers and, if you’re unlucky enough to get delayed or cancelled, the agents in the club can help with rebooking.

Sanjeev M

Would love to give my uncle 1 Admiral Club pass for his travels this holiday season.

I’ve heard Admirals Club catering is generally better than most DL or UA lounges (and much better than the nonexistent US Airways catering).

Oh man, I would love 2 passes and here is why: Friday, I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes! This year, we’re traveling from LAX to JFK to see her family for the holidays and I think it would be a nice treat to relax in the Admirals Club in JFK before we head home. If nothing else, I might need someplace quiet after hanging out with her whole family (and 3 older and bigger brothers) all week post engagement! To me, the best thing about the clubs are the simple things: a quiet space to think, a… Read more »

1 pass would be enough. I was a guest of my boss one time. I was surprised to find out that they will order food from terminal restaurants for you and have it delivered to you in the club. Neat.

Darek Jarmola

2 passes, please. The club is a my favorite place to relaxed and get some quiet time in a busy terminal. A lot of free snacks and drinks.


We are traveling internationally in December and have a long stopover in Chicago. These passes will be great. Two please.


My husband and I are heading home for the winters. It will be really nice to have two passes. Thank you.


I can use one pass for my upcoming trip.


2 passes please. They have free drinks and wifi.


1 pass would be great, thanks for hosting this “contest”


2 Passes please. Great to use to check where your upgrade status is on the list and whether or not you will clear.

Hi, Taking the Mrs on our honeymoon this summer to Florida with American tickets on miles. Neither one of us has been to an admirals club. I was lucky enough to use one free pass I received from the Explorer Card to the United Red Carpet Club in Denver. –Wow did that make my trip much nicer at the airport. Nice Free drinks and good snacks. This would be a nice surprise for the Mrs. Being a school teacher and doing the miles game is the only way we can afford to travel. Thanks Scott

Hi there!

I would like one pass please!

I will share a story after I win this pass 😉



one pass so I can enjoy I can enjoy the tuna salad/avacado croissant sandwich at DCA. Unfortunately, the same sandwich at any other admirals club isn’t as good.