Win Delta ‘Have One on Us’ coupons

Yesterday an American Airlines giveaway, today Delta, sorry, I’ve got bupkis for United.

I don’t drink in-flight and have 4 Delta ‘Have One on Us’ coupons that expire 12/31/2012 so I will give ’em away in sociable sets of 2 for you and a seatmate.

The Giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post with a story about something that happened involving you and a drink on an airplane, (please keep the stories family-friendly).

One entry per person. The comment should include a valid email address for verification of winners. Comments must be submitted by Wednesday,November 28, 2012 at 23:59 EST. Comments that do not conform to the requirements will be disqualified. The winners will be selected with the random number generator at, the winning numbers corresponding to comment numbers. The winners will be posted in a subsequent blog post and updated on this post. The winners will need to provide a US mailing address to Rapid Travel Chai to receive the prize (sorry, no non-US addresses). Rapid Travel Chai has no financial relationship with Delta Airlines.

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John Doe

Well this didn’t happen to me but supposedly on my parent’s honeymoon my mom who was scared to fly had a little too much to drink before and during the flight and walked around the plane letting everyone know “I’m on the airplane” and laughing.

Kind of drink related … I recently had the opportunity to fly Emirates’ A380 in First on a flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong — I was the only person in the cabin, which is otherwise huge with 14 first class suites on the top deck. The champagne was freely flowing and it was a Friday afternoon, so I was going to be living it up later that night in HKG anyway. Emirates’ IFE is fantastic and I found an old album that I hadn’t heard in a while, and so started rocking out with my Dom in hand, mindful… Read more »

Totally drink related…Had a canceled international flight and had to wait 10 hours in Detroit. Then when I boarded the aircraft I had to tear into a nice wine. It was the nicest drink ever.


did you know that Tomato juice tastes better in a pressurized cabin than on the ground? Drop that nugget the next time you want to start a conversation with that tomato juice chugging seatmate.

On a flight from IST to JFK on Delta many years ago: Got to board before most because of Silver status. There were lots of older Turks who had not traveled often who I ended up directing to their seats and helping with bags. A passing FA walked by and thanked me for being so helpful…I told her I loved flying and that when we landed at JFK I would go from Silver to Gold…. After most people were boarded she comes back with champagne from Business Elite to congratulate me on moving up to Gold…..I’ve been loyal to Delta… Read more »

For me, a drink or two always makes flying way more enjoyable. My favorites are coffee with Bailey’s and, thanks to a suggestion in Sky Magazine, cran-apple with Woodford. Would love to win a pair of drink coupons for a flight to see the in-laws for Christmas!


A little kid spilled her drink on me on my way back home on AA from LA last week.

Sanjeev M

Flying BA 292 IAD-LHR. Middle seat on a 777. First time traveling alone abroad visiting family. Girl to my left knocks over an entire mini-bottle of wine on my lap during dinner! What an awful smell to have on your clothes for hours. Had to endure through my connection and until I reached India.


Rarely get to travel for pleasure, but was able to break away from work long enough a few years ago to fly down to Atlanta and visit with my recently-divorced brother and spend my birthday down there. it was back in the day where you could sometimes grab a cheap business upgrade on AirTran and I was able to snatch one, mentioned it was my birthday, and the drinks were a-flowin’! I was having a happy birthday even before I made it to KATL!!!


Took my first international first class flight last month on Singapore Air. Didn’t count glasses but thinking I killed off a couple bottles of Dom!


I drop it walking back to my seat


I tried the Delta Sunrise and really like it! End of story.

Jim M

On the last 2 flights we had drinking problems. 2 flights ago the man sitting next to my wife keep ordering JD straight. By mid flight he was in the back and feeling ill? Last flight They were paging for medical help. I went back and found a young female that hadn’t sleep in 24 hrs and had 2 drinks having a hard time staying awake. They thought she was passing out? They were’nt aware of the lack of sleep by the flyer. Also no more drinks for her. After I explained the circumstanes they let her sleep. LOL

Paul G

I flew Spirit and was introduced to the most rude flight attendents I have ever imagined in my life.

phill gold

lady next to me spilled coffee all over my new suit (minus the jacket) as she drank. on second beverage service, FA spilled soda on me….was not a great flight

A drunk lady knocked her wine off in her seat and didn’t realize it and went to sit down on it, glass and all (we were in First). I quickly went to grab it as she was going in for a landing and of course she initially thought I was grabbing at something else. She quickly realized what I was doing when I handed her the glass and she commented “I didn’t know it was that big” referring to her butt. This was after she would not let me get up and allow her to access her seat but insisted… Read more »
Ms M

I am curious about the impact of not drinking on your travel, especially in countries whose activities revolve around drinking.

I am not a drinker either, and I find that I cannot participate in some activities because of it, even if I am willing to purchase but not consume a drink (ex: tapas bar crawls).


i tried to use one of the HOOU drinl coupons on October monthly special drink and the flight attendent said it didn’t apply, but then the leader jumped in and said it does.


Years ago on a buddy pass supplied by a friend, I managed to fly first class for the first time in my life. Needless to say I took full advantage of the free alcohol many many, many, times. Was so drunk I didn’t even feel the landing

Vicki Burton

I don’t fly much, but, a couple of years ago I went to Hawaii in the front of the plane. I made a connection with the other “southerner”, the flight attendant. She kept bringing me mai tais to get me ready to land in Hawaii. Thankfully, I was not renting a car.


Once with a delayed flight we were given free drinks for all!


I once ordered a Coke and smiled at the waitress, so she gave me the whole can.


While waiting at the gate, I’d ended up in conversation with a couple whose day was just not going well – missed connections, delays, and more circumstances of bad luck. They ended up sitting across the aisle from me and during drink service, when one remarked, “After today, a drink’s exactly what I need!” I remembered I had a couple of HOOU coupons so I gave them to the couple. They certainly needed those drinks more than I did. 🙂


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