Baby consultant’s first flight

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Summer Monday mornings and the new crop of consultants with shiny MBAs are taking to the skies to inflict PowerPoint presentations on the economy. Most know to not clean out the bar (at least on flights before 9 am) but what’s the best way for them to blend up front?

Computers in first class are for solitaire so pounding away at spreadsheets is a giveaway. Falling asleep before takeoff and dismissing breakfast is a pro move but not easy for those who are wired. Putting on noise-canceling headphones immediately after boarding (even though they really only help with engine noise) and prominently displaying a Bose case (logo centered) in the seat pocket looks pompous without a few years and bulging road warrior waistline.

The best option in The Rapid Traveler’s opinion, appropriate for all ages, is an issue of The Economist, tucked slightly askew in the seat pocket. Businessweek is tolerable. Harvard Business Review, um, no.


The Economist in a battered Delta seat pocket

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