This Sheraton Has a Hawker Food Centre and is 9,000 Miles from Singapore

Toronto winters won’t be noticed when I stay at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North again and again.

We have given up staying in downtown Toronto: traffic and parking are dreadful and many of our favorite parks for strolls and restaurants for indulgence are in the suburbs. This time we are staying within a few block radius of many superb Chinese restaurants in Richmond Hill/Markham. Not just Cantonese, there is also a great Shanghainese and Beijingese in our orbit, both regional cuisines that are hard to find with any authenticity in the typical overseas Chinatown.

Or we don’t even make it outside. The Sheraton Parkyway is a large complex of towers, many ballrooms and a small shopping center with an awesome food court serving local businesses. A mini Singapore hawker food centre of Chinese and Southeast Asian foods. Prices are rock bottom.

Sheraton Parkway Food Court 01 Sheraton Parkway Food Court 02 Sheraton Parkway Food Court 03 Sheraton Parkway Food Court 04

The lady at Superlicious is particularly alert and friendly at the sight of any diner. These pictures were taken mid-afternoon on a Saturday so the place was quiet. Most vendors close on Sunday.

What Sheraton can top this? Do any others in the world have on-site bubble tea?

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  • iv

    And that’s Canadian funds! -25% minimum with the exchange rate!

  • This is a great find! I need to get back to Toronto; love that city.

  • Shannon

    is it far from downtown? If no rental car, is there any public transportation to go to downtown? What are the reasons you keep coming back to Canada? Are there food better than the big cities like LA or NY?

  • @Shannon – it is a suburb 30-45 minutes north of downtown, traffic into the city is often bad, even midday Saturday, there is a network of express bus lines in the neighborhood but going downtown would take a long time. Stay downtown if you want to experience it. We find this the best Chinese food outside China, much better than Manhattan for sure, we don’t go out to Flushing, and there are great parks and lakes. Recently with the currency rates and lower costs here, it is a great deal. Last night our huge clams on coconut milk was only CAD 7, it would have been at least double in NY if it existed there.

  • @Shannon – Korean is better in LA, for us the transcon is too long for a weekend.

  • Shannon

    You probably just looked for a reason to travel after all. Those things did exist in Queens without flying over north border.

  • @Shannon – her choice, but it takes about the same time from Jersey City to Toronto as Flushing on weekends and we like it a lot more. Not fans of NY grit and grime.

  • Shannon

    but didn’t you still need to travel from Jersey City to JFK or LGA? They are all located in Queens already. I am just saying… have fun

  • @Shannon – yes, I am exaggerating, I dislike going around NYC on weekends so if I can fly out on Fri and back Mon morning I get mostly functional public transport and anywhere is better for me than NYC. Coming soon through end of the year PATH to 33rd will be shut on weekends so get much worse.

  • Shannon

    For those people are dreaming of moving to Big Apple, it would be helpful for them to hear form a local like you to reflect why you dislike NYC.

  • @Shannon – mainly personal/family reasons that go back a long time, for people who want to move I say to make sure you will get the benefits you say you are doing it for, I know plenty of people who cite Broadway shows yet never go to them because they are running for a 2-hour commute, so don’t get sucked into the costly grind unless you get the benefits the city can offer.

  • Hawker

    So which credit card to use at those hawker stalls? How are you pushing cards down our throats with his post?

  • iv

    Another reason to visit Toronto (and surrounding areas) 😉 is the vast variety of restaurants from around the world. Toronto holds the title (as per the UN) as the most multicultural city in the world.

    Sorry, I’d take visiting Toronto over New York any day. As Peter Ustinov once said…. Toronto is like New York but run by the Swiss!

  • @Hawker – I am not sure if you meant that as a joke or an insult. I do not have credit card affiliate relationships so anything I push down your throat would not be to my profit. I enjoyed this feature of the hotel, a stay I paid for like everyone else, and highlighted it on my blog as I do my travels.

  • @iv – a delightful quip. I have heard of a guy trying to eat at a restaurant of every nation’s cuisine in NY. I wonder if it can be done in Toronto?