Costco Switches to Citi 6/20, Chase’s Freedom 5x for 2016 is a Guerilla Marketing Coup

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Citi paid a bundle for Costco to switch to Visa on 6/20 and take over its co-brand card profile from Amex.

Then Chase stepped in by extending its Freedom card April-June Warehouse Clubs category through the end of 2016 (it contribute to the $1,500 per account quarterly cap, along with the previously announced categories). Chase has confirmed to marketing partners such as FrequentMiler that this will be through the end of year, even though the cashback calendar does not yet reflect this. Cashback activation is required each quarter.

First thing I did was add my father as an authorized user on my Freedom card.

Chase Freedom Warehouse Clubs

My wife this week was watching a Chinese TV interview of Olympic gold medal gymnast Li Ning, he of the sportswear company with a logo that it maintains has nothing to do with Nike. More than his athletic exploits the interview focused on his business acumen, including the indelible image of him at the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony, an event Adidas had paid a fortune to sponsor and made every effort to keep competing brands out of sight.

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