Road Warrior Amazon Offline Video Club: TCCQuest’s Picks

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This week’s Road Warrior Amazon Offline Video Club picks come from reader TCCQuest.

The reference is to the Travelers Century Club, of which I am a member and enjoy chasing the list. I am currently at 267/325, a few easy ones left and some really hard ones remain.

TCCQuest recommends:

  • Global Lens Collection of foreign films (“most selected at International Film Festivals. I’ve got “Kilometer Zero” and “More than two hours” teed up to replace JAL IFE in upcoming F award.”)
  • Tosh.O series
  • Arches series (currently only Season 5 is free for Prime members, sorry for not posting earlier when he submitted, these things come and go so other seasons may be back)

Easiest way to find these is search on your mobile device from within the Amazon Video app, then save for offline viewing.

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