Is SPG Make a Green Choice a Marriage Wrecker?

I can’t control my urges.

I resisted till nearly midnight. Then, while my wife was washing her face, I casually mentioned that I might put out the SPG Make a Green Choice Door Hanger, hoping the words would slide down the drain without notice.

The water stopped. The moment of silence was foreboding. Then came the familair, “All you care about is points, I want to enjoy my stay!!!”

SPG Make a Green Choice at participating hotels grants 250-500 points or $5 dining credit for every night, up to 3 in a row and excluding check-out day, that you decline housekeeping.

SPG Make a Green Choice

Seldom do you have couples where both have a miles & points addiction. Usually one is hopelessly ensnared and the other tolerates the antics to varying degrees depending on their perceived payoff. SPG Make a Green Choice rears itself at the moment when the partner finally thinks they are safe to relax, the quiet moment to unwind before bed. Then they see their partner skulking out into the hallway at midnight to place the door-hanger.

Or the next afternoon, with the room still a mess, they hear, “Well, I thought you cared about the environment as much as I. For shame,” delivered with a look that doesn’t think the line will be bought.

Readers, what are your SPG Make a Green Choice escapades? Can you resist the allure of those points?

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“Is SPG Make a Green Choice a Marriage Wrecker?”

No, your points addiction is 😉

We all have our strange preferences. Personally I could care less about 1,500 SPG points, especially at the expense of a loved one’s enjoyment. However, I can’t resist semi-maximizing hotel redemption opportunities. If there’s a good redemption rate at an interesting destination, I *have* to go (or at least propose to go), even at the inconvenience of loved ones.

@DaninMCI Housekeeping does hate them! I once stayed at a hotel for 2 weeks, and the house keeper scolded me after 3 days for opting out of cleaning when I asked for some towels. I think it was because she doesn’t get paid (she mentioned how it’s “bad” for the housekeepers) for cleaning the room and, by the third day, the room is a lot dirtier than if she cleaned everyday (but she only gets paid for cleaning once). She acted unprofessionally, but given that I had a suite, I can see why she didn’t appreciate making less money because… Read more »

I asked her when I made the reservation if she thought we should do that. Told her we wouldn’t do it if she didn’t want to (which is the truth). She asked the details and what 4 nights of points would get us and said “ya do it” like it was a no brainer.


Do you change your sheets & towels every day at home? Perhaps you should suggest that?

Patrick W.

Amy, SPG Green Choice allows you towel changes – but you have to call housekeeping to get them.


I must be side with Mrs. RTP. We wabt enjoy the stay and be the queen. Don’t ever mention it again.


I wonder if a halfway plan would be an option? lol. I don’t mind the sheets staying the same (and for a 3 night stay recently, made the bed up myself each morning to indicate such), and usually don’t generate enough trash, dust or carpet dirt to require the housekeeper to clean those areas. I just want clean towels daily.


Very funny. It does make me wonder if the housekeepers dislike these signs as it means they might make less in wages and/or tips?


My wife is awesome — she now asks me, “did you put out the green choice tag?”

It wasn’t always that easy 🙂


good for starwood! I was always annoyed at the stupid green signs asking you to cost the hotel less but not giving you anything in return!


A happy wife is worth $6.25 (250 points valued at $0.025).

But, if it’s one of the Starwood hotels that offers 500 points per night for Green Choice, well, then…


Given that my do not disturb sign goes on as soon as I check in and doesn’t come off until I leave, green choice is a no brainer!