Last Chance to Use My Wife’s Amex SPG Biz 35k Refer-a-Friend Link (3/28/18)

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Points for my wife make me even happier than points for me.

My wife is media shy, though occasionally graces this blog, such as:


Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Amex. My wife currently has the Amex SPG Business card which has a refer-a-friend offer equal to the public offer. I have included that link in this post and thank you for your support. For the other cards mentioned, you can use the public offers or those of affiliate bloggers, should you choose to support them.

Amex SPG Business Card 35k

The Amex SPG Business 35k offers expire March 28, 2018.

Amex SPG Biz 35k March 2018

Existing cardholders can refer friends for the same offer. My wife has a SPG business card, here’s her refer-a-friend link.

Use it, get the card approved, and then get your link to refer your friends when a new offer appears.

The offer takes a bit of spend: $7,000 in the first 3 months to get 35,000 points. Still, that is down from the $8,000 required for last year’s 35k offer.

Amex SPG Personal Card 30k with Less Spend

We don’t have a personal card to do a refer-a-friend. The current best offer we know of is the public offer of 30,000 points for $3,000 spend in the first 3 months.

What’s in Store?

Amex and Marriott-SPG have announced that at some point in 2018 with their combined program Amex will offer new a ‘super premium consumer card’ and a small business card.

No word yet on what will happen with existing cards and to cardholders. Those who have not had the personal card and want it, should expect to have the application pulled sometime in 2018. Those who have not had the business card could take this historic high offer or wait and see what happens later in 2018.

Amex card sign-up bonuses are currently all ‘once per lifetime’.

Thank you!

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4 years ago

how to spend $7,000 now with so many MS all dead?

4 years ago

glad to have replay functions back. What pay service still not dead ?