Here’s that Delta Sky Club Fingerprint Scanner, With Data Courtesy of CLEAR

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Last week in Seattle I noticed a CLEAR fingerprint scanner at the Sky Club check-in desk. Now they have a press release that these scanners are now in all US Sky Clubs.

Delta Biometrics Sky Club

I’m a member of CLEAR via complimentary membership from my Delta Diamon Medallion status. I don’t think I’d pay for it. It has slowed me down more times than it has been a big help, especially now that they are routinely checking IDs. Mainly because it looks cool and the staff are friendly, I head to the CLEAR lane even when regular PreCheck lanes are not backed up.

How Delta Got Our Biometric Data

Delta owns part of CLEAR and so they’ve tied in Sky Club membership information. I don’t recall in the CLEAR marketing pitch the part about sharing my biometric data with Delta. The press release implies all SkyMiles members with CLEAR are automatically enrolled in Delta Biometrics, not just those who have a complimentary or discounted CLEAR membership through Delta. Seems a bit cavalier and I should muster the energy to look at who else has received my data from CLEAR. Or perhaps they’ll argue Delta has shared their data with CLEAR.

Those without CLEAR membership can go to a CLEAR enrollment kiosk to enroll for free in Delta Biometrics for purposes such as Sky Club check-in, not CLEAR itself

This is just the start for Delta Biometrics:

Applied Innovation

Readers, what’s your take about our biometric data dancing around CLEAR and Delta?

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Alex parker
Alex parker
4 years ago

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