You Might Have Missed CouponCabin Cash Back Portal in Your Shopping, Check It Out for 20% Bonus Payouts via Amazon Gift Cards and More

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Last Cyber Monday I was in the market for a new backpack (sidebar: it is really hard to find a max carry-on size backpack that doesn’t have those vexing convertible straps). had some good sales and I was looking to stack coupons.

I came across CouponCabin and noticed their cash back program. Comparing on Cashback Monitor to other sites it was the best.

I didn’t see CouponCabin listed on other comparison sites, either, so I asked the founder of Caskback Monitor, a FTU regular, why. He said CouponCabin does not allow comparison sites to list their rates, though continues to contact them to make that possible. A similar issue with RetailMeNot.

Amazon Gift Card Payout Bonus

In addition to often high cash back rates, CouponCabin regularly runs 20% payout bonuses if you select Amazon gifts cards.

This not a 20% on buying gift cards. This is a 20% bonus for selecting Amazon gift cards instead of other methods like cash, on cash back payouts your are due to receive from other shopping.

The current offer runs for payouts through February 28, 2018. If you have pending payouts, consider making the switch. Otherwise, be ready for next time.

CouponCabin Amazon Gift Card Payout BonusYou can set payout thresholds between $7-$415 at a time.

CouponCabin Payout Threshold

My only order to date was that Backcountry one, placed in November, paid out in January with the 20% bonus that month, too.

CouponCabin Order Payout

New Account Bonuses

I don’t see a current refer-a-friend program. However, when you do register a new account, you’ll be prompted to select various offers with extra bonuses, such as installing their browser add-in.

In my above order you see two of those bonuses.

Read the Fine Print

Take a moment to read their FAQ: The top 11 things you need to know about earning cash back…

VIP Program

Frequent buyers earn more with their VIP Program. You start with 1% bonus on the cash back earned, then for each order in a month you go up another percent. There are many exclusions, so dig into the terms if planning to scale it.

CouponCabin VIP Bonus

Readers, what has been your experience with CouponCabin? For reality check purpuses, please state if you are an everyday shopper or high-volume (reseller) pushing the limits.

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