Hollywood Already Did a Take on Scott Pruitt’s $1,641 Flight, Watch Here

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I was listening to the BBC’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review Show from January 5 when they played a promotion clip from Ben Stiller film Brad’s Status.

Ben Stiller Brads Status Business Class

Brad’s Status film still via Fandango

You’ll know from recent news that Scott Pruitt, in the office of Administrator of Evironmental Protection Agency, though ideologically giving lie to that agency’s name and mandate, has expensive travel tastes when paid by taxpayers, and preposterous justifications. A highlight is $1,641.43 for a Washington, DC-New York flight.

The clip goes:

So… cost to upgrade to business would be $821 per ticket. Mm. So, the total would be $1,642. Sixteen hundred dollars? That’s… for a domestic flight? Yes, $1,642. Would you like to go ahead and purchase the tickets? I… I’m gonna go for it.

Almost to the dollar!

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