The Death of the ITA OnTheFly App

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Google started pulling the ITA OnTheFly App from app stores last year. An Android workaround appears to still work, while not the Apple one.

Google wants us to use Google Flights, except there is no official Google Flights app. Go us the mobile page, they say. I find mobile pages inadequate for heavy use.

Or, use Google Trips. Except the small problem that it doesn’t search flights.

Google promises OnTheFly will cease working entirely on December 31, 2017. In my installations it already produces errors on fares for every search, though I can still see flight schedules.

Google Product Forums ITA OnTheFlyThere are some 3rd-party apps that are a proxy for Google Flights. I have not started testing them.

A reader asked what I use in place. I don’t have a replacement. SkyScanner is the one I use most frequently, think Kayak with more airlines and more robust flight results.

Readers, what is your OnTheFlye replacement plan?


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5 years ago


Pablo Z
Pablo Z
5 years ago

I also use Kayak as a replacement. But I have to say it is still nothing comparing to the old OnTheFly. Another APP I miss deeply is the Flight Tracker. They discontinued that app after it was purchased by Expedia. Stephen, do you have any recommendations for a similar flight tracking app?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Pablo Z

I have FlightStats installed, I’ll give it a tepid recommendation in that others I have tried I seem to have uninstalled.

5 years ago
Reply to  Pablo Z

I miss Flight Tracker too! The app I’m now using is AppInTheAir